Meet the Neighbors 01

Welcome to the first episode of “Meet the Neighbors”.

Today’s guest is Grey Tabby. Please say “Hello” to our visitors, GT.

Actually, Grey Tabby doesn’t say much even when she’s awake. We’re not sure if she’s had some throat injury or is just a quiet kitty, but even her “back off” hisses don’t score very high decibel counts*.

She’s the unquestioned leader of the local gang of feral and semi-feral cats, and the most eager visitor to our backyard food bowl. Every day as sunset approaches, she stakes out a spot near the gate where she can keep an eye out for us and ensure that she’s first to the goodies. The other cats wait with varying degrees of patience for her to finish before moving in on the bowl; her part of the agreement is to not eat the entire content.

* To be totally accurate, we’re not certain that Grey Tabby is a she. The lack of puffy cheeks and the position as Alpha Kitty are both suggestive, but we’ve never managed to get indisputable anatomical evidence.

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