I Shall Have My Revenge

Yuki and The Knife

Yuki held the catnip knife tightly.

“I shall have my revenge,” he thought. “I have no idea what I’m taking revenge for, but I shall have it.”

He licked the handle again.

“As soon as they go to bed, I’ll… I’ll…”

Another lick, just to sharpen his memory.

“I’ll leap onto the bed and fall asleep on their feet! Yeah, that’s it! That’ll show them!”

He began to drool on the knife’s blade as he drifted off in a catnip-scented doze.

5 thoughts on “I Shall Have My Revenge

  1. Mr Midnight, from the blog of Sir WInston, Mr Midnight and myself, enjoyed your post; but Sir WInston thought the concepts of “revenge” were solely a human thing. Still, he did find your post amusing.
    Best regards from the three of us. 🙂


    • Greetings to all three of you. Glad to hear Mr. Midnight enjoyed the post. Sir Winston, every cat I’ve ever spent time with has had an “every human who saw that must die” moment after misjudging a jump or some similar graceless exercise. Most of them allow that first rush of emotion to pass, then turn the moment into “I meant to do that.” Some few, however, brood over that feeling, and from there it’s an easy step to seeking revenge for any slight, real or imagined.

      That’s why we try to keep sharp objects out of feline reach. Sure, you guys all come with built-in weapons, but why should we make it easier for you?


    • Yuki wishes to share the following statement. Please be aware that the views reflected in this statement to not necessarily reflect the opinions of the owner of this blog.

      “Despite my name and my gorgeously long, luscious, floofy fur, I am 100% male. Well, except for the part about having had my pockets picked. More importantly, while I’m sure you’re proud of your Ali, it is quite clear that nobody could possibly be as elegant or as beautiful as I. Please remember this, or I shall be forced to assault you. Should it be necessary, I am fully prepared to leap into your lap and drool on you until you surrender and admit my pre-eminent splendor.”


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