Skunk Train Redux

This week’s full-sized posts have been skewed a bit towards the downer end of the spectrum. While Mr. Malloy’s appearance definitely brightened things up a bit, I wanted to do just a little more to balance the mood.

Those of you who have been hanging around here for a while may recall that back in June I wrote about the Skunk Train. Due to a tunnel collapse, the train was in serious financial difficulty and was seeking donations. Later in the month, the “Save the Redwoods League” took out an option to purchase an easement along the railroad right of way. That purchase, combined with the donations raised, was more than enough to do the necessary tunnel repairs.

At the time, the train was expected to be back in service by mid-July, but apparently the repair work took somewhat longer. However, yesterday I received a thank you note from “The Chief Skunk” thanking me for my donation and letting me know that full service had resumed as of 17 August. Hooray!

As additional thanks for my contribution, I also received a lovely “souvenir key chain”:

(Warning: Obligatory snark ahead)

I do find it amusing that the letter makes no mention of the other functionality this “key chain” is clearly designed to provide. Guys, even if there’s some moral concern involved here, there are non-alcoholic beverages that come in bottles…

Still, it’s good news that the train is back in operation. And if you want a bottle opener key chain of your own, they’re still taking donations to cover the remaining costs of the tunnel work and to re-roof the train house.

2 thoughts on “Skunk Train Redux

  1. Thanks for the update, Casey. As you know, I have a soft spot in my heart for the old Skunk, and I’m glad to hear it’s running properly again. I’m even more pleased to hear, from some source or another, that the train is still serving locals in the Valley, as their transportation to and from shopping. I can still remember some of those moss covered platforms, deep in the woods, where people raised a signal to tell the train to stop for them.
    Oh, and I have heard, from other sources, that there are non-alcoholic beverages that come in beer bottles. I’m not quite interested enough to explore the rumor, but it’s an interesting conjecture.


    • Glad to be able to share some good news, and glad to hear the good news about local service.

      As a heretic (read: “not a beer drinker”), I can assure you that those rumors are truthful. Some of them are even worth drinking!


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