Yet Another Pirate Post

Ahoy, mateys! It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

It also be me nephew Simon’s birthday. ‘Tis hard to believe the sprat be four years old already. Seems ’twas but a short time ago that he were born. Happy Birthday to ya, Sprat!

Man, talking like that is exhausting.

Talk Like a Pirate Day represents a major victory for the Pirate Team in the ongoing Internet battle between pirates and ninjas. Attempts to implement a counter by the Ninja Team have been less than successful, as nobody ever hears a ninja, making Talk Like a Ninja Day a very quiet day indeed.

Joking partly aside, the ninjas have claimed December 5 as the “Annual Day of the Ninja”. Prepare to be unexpectedly killed on that day. Umm… Let’s face it, the ninjas have a significant marketing deficit to overcome. They’ve been promoting DotN since 2002, and yet nobody seems to know about it. But what can they do? If they take their masks off and speak up, they’re dishonoring their essential ninjaness. A definite quandry.

But enough about ninjas. Today is the pirates day. What are they doing to celebrate, other than talking?

Well, the Pittsburgh Pirates are playing the San Diego Padres. A victory would end a three game losing streak and solidify their grasp on the playoffs (assuming they hold on, it’ll be their first playoff trip since 1992).

826 Valencia, which claims to be “San Francisco’s only independent pirate supply store” is open, but doesn’t seem to be doing anything special for the day. A lost marketing opportunity, indeed.

If you’re looking for TlaPD-specific events, there’s a Google map. I know there are several people reading this in Austin; there are at least three events for you or your kids.

It’s a little late, but on Saturday those of you near Newport News, Virginia can help set a Guinness World Record for “Largest Gathering of Pirates“. Is it just me, or are there too many categories of records recognized by Guinness these days? Seems like it should be harder to find an area to compete in. Or am I being overly grumpy?

Pirates will also be celebrating their day by preventing oceanographic research — unless the Air Force steps in.

As for me, I’m planning to celebrate the day by kicking back later this evening with a video of Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Pirates of Penzance“.

(No, I don’t have that version; I’ll be watching the Seattle Gilbert and Sullivan Society production from 2006.)

8 thoughts on “Yet Another Pirate Post

  1. Four years old today, my, my. Gettin’ to where he can start thinkin’ about earning his way through life,he can. Just hope no one tries to apprentice him to a pi-LOT today.


  2. Apple missed a pearl of moment to announce 7.0.1. Would have been perfect timing for a patch … or should we all groan as i say is with a pirates grin … an iPatch.
    As for other piraty things, the plank too small, can i be the only one on it while i sink the ship?


    • “iPatch”, argh (not “arr”). By the sound of the shrieks online, they’ve had so much trouble with failed downloads, I have to wonder if there are enough people who have 7.0 installed to even find a patch-worthy bug yet. Maybe a server patch? They should have released it a week sooner to give them time to prep the iPatch.


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