Kaja often demonstrates a casual disregard for the law of gravity.

Kaja On(?) the Stairs

This is a mild example; we have several times found her with more than half of her body sticking out beyond the stairs. We’ve also seen her apparently trying to walk up the underside of the staircase in the style of an Escher drawing.

Given her proclivities, it was probably inevitable that she would receive the nickname “Adventure Girl”.

Less inevitable was that Maggie would write her a theme song. Maggie notes that the lyrics are derived from a partial remembrance of the theme song from the late 1960’s Hercules cartoon, and are actually based on a customized version that her father sang to her. Call Kaja’s version a grandchild of the original song.

Background information on Hercules is here and there is (inevitably) a YouTube video of the theme song as well.

So, with no further ado, I give you Kaja’s theme song. (Many thanks to Maggie for letting me share it.)

Kitteh of song and story
Covered in fur and glory
Fighting for the right
Fighting with her might
With the strength of nine
Commonplace felines

Toes are not safe when near her
All of the brrrdies fear her
Standing there with pride
Jumping up and down
Running all around
Acting like a clown

It’s the mighty

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