Skunk Train Update

Some good news to brighten a slow day.

It looks like the Skunk Train will survive.

Reports are surfacing that non-profit conservation group “Save the Redwoods League” has taken out a $300,000 option to purchase a conservation easement or public access easement along the railroad right of way. That amount, not coincidentally, is exactly the amount needed to clear out and repair the rockfall in Tunnel No. 1. According to the articles, work is starting on the tunnel “immediately” and the train is expected to be back in full operation by the middle of July.

The deal is being reported in multiple newspapers, including the Chron, but has not yet been announced on either the Skunk Train or Save the Redwoods League websites.

A side note: The Skunk Train’s fundraiser on GoFundMe notes that all funds raised above the necessary $300,000 would be applied to other projects, including the restoration of a caboose and passenger coaches. Since they had apparently raised close to $150,000 according to a note on the fundraiser site last week, the “other projects” should be in pretty good shape.

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