Hi, Neighbor!

Watanuki is chief of home security.

Protecting the house from squirrels since 2010!

I’m sorry it’s not more action-filled. I figure there are only a few possibilities:
1) ‘Nuki thinks he’s being paid by the hour. Unlikely. He’s well aware that he gets the same quantity of Kitty Krunchies whether he works or doesn’t, let alone how long he spends on a job.
2) Maybe he’s trying to avoid traumatizing the evil interloper. Very unlikely. Given the way he attacks toes, he clearly doesn’t care how traumatized his victims are.
3) He’s just stunned by all that in-your-face squirrel-butt action. Highly likely.

g2Today ‘Nuki called in Yuki for an assist.

The squirrel was not impressed.

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