Take a Peek

Nothing profound today, just a collection of animal-oriented streaming webcams.

Sea Lions at San Francisco’s Pier 39. A nice, high definition view with a variety of preset camera angles you can choose from, but the limited viewing time (one minute per session) is annoying.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium offers several cams, including sea otters and penguins. Oddly enough, they seem to be using different technologies for different cams. I had no trouble viewing the otter cam, but the penguin cam required a plug-in I don’t have installed. The Kelp Forest is very relaxing.

Ade’s Hedgehog & Garden Wildlife cam requires installation of a plug-in to display Windows Media format video, which means iOS and Android users are mostly out of luck, and Linux users may have to use some awkward workarounds (hint: mplayer -playlist "http://www.camstreams.com/asx.asp?user=osman123", but it’s worth it to see the spiny guys frolicking about. The best times to see hedgehogs are in the middle of the night, but note that the camera is in England, so US viewers will have timezones working in their favor.

Earthcam lists several hundred cams in their “Animals and Zoos” category. A few semi-random examples: a baby tree kangaroo at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, a bald eagle nest on Santa Cruz Island, California, and red panda cubs at the Knoxville Zoo.

Multiple cams at the San Diego Zoo, including pandas, elephants, and koalas.

World Land Trust operates several cams, including one that gives a peek into Brazil’s Atlantic rainforest.

Great Horned Owl nest in Charlo, MT. As I write this, it’s showing an adult and a half-grown chick.

Kittens! Courtesy of Los Angeles’ Kitten Rescue.

I’d really love to find a good koi cam, but they don’t seem to exist. The Koi Channel, was probably nice when it was live, but that seems to have been two years ago. The best I’ve found in the way of currently active streams is this one from Charlotte, NC, but it definitely needs some help. Better lighting, cleaning, or maybe a new camera. And they really need to lose the ad that plays before the camera feed starts. Apparently koi cams were really hot around 2005, when the technology wasn’t so great, but people have moved on to other fads now. A real shame.

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